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GỌI ĐẶT HÀNG: 1900 633 603

HỖ TRỢ KỸ THUẬT: 028-7300 3603



*** Smarttech tham dự Hội Nghị Thượng Đỉnh về Chuỗi Cung Ứng Lạnh Thế Giới (World Cold Chain Summit 2018) 


GPP (Thông tư 02/2018/TT-BYT-Quy định về Thực hành tốt cơ sở bán lẻ thuốc)






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Giá: Yêu cầu báo giá

Hàng có sẵn:
Model: RTR-500
Xuất sứ: USA
Chi tiết sản phẩm:

 TandD Wireless System Using GSM, Wireless or Ethernet Communications

- Collects Measured Readings in Real-Time, On Demand or By Scheduled Download from RTR-500 Wireless Loggers through Network 
- Each Data Collector Can Handle up to 20 RTR-500 Series Wireless Loggers
- System is Powered by Battery, AC Adaptor or External DC Power Source 
- Alarm Notifications Are Sent to Email or Cellphone via SMS 
- Data (Current or Logged) is Transmitted Over GPRS (Email or FTP) to Remote Server
- Accepts Remote Commands via SMS 
- Maximum Communication Range of Collector to Logger is 150 Meters (500 ft)
- Repeaters (#RTR-500) Extend the Communication Range Increasing Distance
- Software is Included with Each RTR-500 Data Collector

A Complete System Requires a Base Collector (#RTR-500DC, #RTR-500GSM, #RTR-500NW or #RTR-500AW) and a RTR-500 Series Wireless Data Logger

RTR-500 Wireless System Specifications

Wireless Communications RF Power: 7mW
Method: FCC Part 15 Section 247/IC RSS-210
Frequency Range: 902 to 928 MHz
Range: 150 Meters (500 ft) - Direct and Unobstructed
Speed: 2 Minutes for 16,000 Readings
Cellular Phone Communications Network: GSM850 / GSM1900 (PTCRB Certified) 
SMS: Send Warning Reports, Remote Operation On/Off 
Data Transfer: GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)
Functions Auto Downloading of Recorded Data
Warning Monitoring
Automatic Sending of Current Readings
Power Battery-Powered 
5 Volt AC Adaptor (#AD-0605)
External Power (DC 8 to 34 Volt Source)
Current Consumption At Most 2 Amps (5 Volts with GSM in Operation)
Communication Interface with PC: USB
with Remote Unit: Optical Communication
LED Indicators Green: Power
Orange: Error
Red: Alarm
Battery (4) AA Alkaline Batteries - User Replaceable
Battery Life 10 Days of Continuous Use @10 Minute Sampling Interval (Not Using GPS)
Note: Battery Life Dependant upon Frequency of Communication, Measuring Environment and Quality of Batteries
Operating Environment Temperature: 10°C to 55°C (Batteries); -10°C to 55°C (External Powered)
Humidity: 20 to 80% RH (No Dew Condensation)
Weight 220 grams (7.76 oz.) - Includes Batteries
Dimensions 9.6cm x 6.6cm x 3.9cm (3.78" x 2.60" x 1.54")
Antenna Length: 10.9cm (4.29")