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*** Smarttech tham dự Hội Nghị Thượng Đỉnh về Chuỗi Cung Ứng Lạnh Thế Giới (World Cold Chain Summit 2018) 


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The display is large enough to be easily readable at a glance. You can also set alarm values, so if there is any condition that might arise, the instrument will warn you with a visible report of over or under values for the parameter you have selected.

We don't know of any instrument that comes close to this one for high quality, usefulness and multi-parameter capability.

The uses are many:

(1) use it as an environmental monitor in the workplace for environmental health monitoring,

(2) use it at home to make sure that there are not any conditions that would harm your family,

(3) use it to monitor CO₂ levels and humidity levels in the greenhouse environment (CO₂, temperature and humidity are major factors affecting plant growth),

(4) use it in the classroom to emphasize the effects of greenhouse gases.


Green Eye Environmental Monitor
A single multipurpose CO2, Humidity and Temperature Display Monitor and Logger supplied with all cables and software disk.

Software and Logger Features

The Green Eye form factor makes it ideal for countertop or desktop positioning.  It sits like a clock on a flat surface and has an upward facing display.
The connections are (1) power cord, and (2) an optional USB cable that connects to a PC for storage of the data collected by the unit.  It is not necessary to use the software/logging aspect for the Green Eye to run, but the instruments is a logger, meaning that the three variables are stored in memory as a set of timed values.  These can be simply stored for later review or as an official record of the environmental conditions that were present during the logging period.

The software is easy to use.  Just a couple of mouse clicks and the data is displayed in an easy to understand chart of "time vs. CO2, temperature and humidity".

The software is provided on a CD disk for installation on your own computer.  It is compatible with any Microsoft Windows® operating system.  Or, download here.  The link is to a zip file that must be un-compressed before installation.  Place the files in a folder and click on the icon.  

Logging is started by pressing the Log|▲ function button on the face of the instrument.  Whenever you need to upload the data to the computer, just press the button again.


CO2 graphic is displayed in the above screen shot. Other parameters can be simultaneously displayed, as well using the selection checkboxes. All of the data is saved in a file that can be emailed or displayed and any time using the software
Specifications  Product Sheet
Temperature Range -10°C to +60°C  (+14°F to +140°F) -        
Temperature Display °C/°F switchable on display
Humidity Range   0.1% to 99.9%RH
CO2 Range   0-9999 ppm
Accuracy   CO2 (±50 ppm); Humidity (±3% [10% to 90%]; Temperature  ±0.6°C (±0.9°F)
Warm Up  30 seconds
Logged Points  5,333 points per parameter (CO2, RH, and temperature)
Sample Interval  1 second up to 5 hours
Ambient Operation  0°C to +50°C  (non condensing RH)
Case Size 120 mm x 80 mm  (4-3/4 inches x 3-1/8 inches) Weight 200g (7 ounces)
 Power Supply 5VDC adapter with universal plug set
Interface Pin plug on unit inserts into any USB port
Software Source and Compatibility Software CD supplied for installation Software Windows® 2000 and up compatibility